‘Thor: Love and Thunder’: Post-Credits Scenes and Marvel Cameos, Explained

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Thor: Appreciate and Thunder is in theaters all around the environment now, bringing us on the Asgardian Avenger’s fourth solo adventure and proclaiming its area as the 29th Marvel Cinematic Universe movie. It sees director Taika Waititi, who beforehand helmed 2017’s Thor: Ragnarok, bringing his comedic contact to another superhero outing (and its two write-up-credits scenes).

The movie catches up with Thor Odinson (Chris Hemsworth) just after the functions of Avengers: Endgame, in which he resolved to join the spacefaring Guardians of the Galaxy. He also reunites with former flame Jane Foster (Natalie Portman), who’s been empowered by his previous hammer Mjolnir and has turn out to be the Mighty Thor, as they facial area the creepy menace of Gorr the God Butcher (Christian Bale).

After you have wrapped your head close to the movie’s ending and its other delightful cameo, it truly is time to spin your enchanted hammer and leap into SPOILERS for the mid- and post-credits scenes.


A vengeful god

In the mid-credits scene, it can be disclosed that Zeus (Russell Crowe) survived following Thor blasted the Greek god’s have lightning bolt via his upper body. Staying tended to on his throne, Zeus expresses his fury that folks now worship superheroes about gods.

“They will worry us once more when they see Thor Odinson drop from the sky,” he suggests bitterly. “Do you recognize me Hercules? Do you have an understanding of me, my son?”

Brett Goldstein holds up his Emmy at the 2021 73rd Primetime Emmy Awards in LA

Brett Goldstein, who demonstrates up as Hercules in Thor: Adore and Thunder’s mid-credits scene, shows his close to-divine energy by holding up the Emmy he received for Ted Lasso in 2021. 

Prosperous Fury/Getty Photos

We are introduced to the MCU’s Hercules (Brett Goldstein, the lovably grouchy Roy Kent from Ted Lasso).

“Yes father,” he growls.

What does it necessarily mean?

Marvel’s Hercules was introduced in the comics as a rival to Thor back in the ’60s, but later on grew to become his ally and joined the Avengers. He’s proven up frequently in the many years given that his debut, often starring in his very own series. Herc is a little bit of a braggart, but a dependable mate to his fellow heroes.

Marvel's Hercules snaps the chains binding him on the cover of The Incredible Hercules 126

Hercules has starred in numerous comic collection due to the fact in the ’60s, but ordinarily exhibits up as a supporting character.

Marvel Studios

The character was initially seen as a goon of time-touring villain Immortus, but that edition was afterwards uncovered to be an impostor — mostly because it failed to genuinely match up with his subsequent characterization and mainly because “impostor” is a common comedian guide clarification for these types of discrepancies. 

Immortus partially motivated Loki villain He Who Stays, who was an alternate fact version of the future MCU villain Kang. Considering the fact that the flicks and exhibits routinely riff on basic comedian stories, it’s feasible Hercules will team up with Kang in his quest to choose down Thor.

No matter, it truly is likely Hercules and Thor will grow to be allies at some place in the potential — Goldstein is just too well known and loveable to continue to be undesirable.

He is also the next Ted Lasso actor who’s created a the latest MCU article-credits scene cameo. Cristo Fernández, very best regarded for portraying Dani “Soccer is everyday living” Rojas in the Apple Television set Plus collection, appeared in one particular of Spider-Man: No Way Home’s excess scenes very last December.

Everyday living after loss of life

As Thor struggled to prevent Gorr from achieving the all-strong Eternity and wishing for all the gods to be wiped out, Jane still left her cancer cure to choose up Mjolnir one particular final time and rode to his help. The heroic duo succeeded in convincing Gorr to abandon his genocidal campaign, but she dropped her battle with the illness shortly afterward.


Heimdall returns in Like and Thunder’s post-credits glimpse at the Asgardian afterlife.

Marvel Studios

The submit-credits scene reunites us with Jane following her demise, as she actions by means of a portal and finds herself in a gorgeous mountainous area. She’s greeted by Heimdall (Idris Elba), the all-seeing guardian of Asgard’s Bifrost Bridge who was slain by Thanos in Avengers: Infinity War.

“You are incredibly welcome here in the land of the gods,” he claims warmly. “Welcome to Valhalla.”

What does it signify?

Valhalla, the Asgardian heaven motivated by Norse mythology, was mentioned earlier in the motion picture. When Thor fulfills a wounded Girl Sif (Jaimie Alexander) immediately after her come upon with Gorr, she urges him to allow her die so she can go to Valhalla. Thor reminds her that she’d only go there if she died in battle, so she agrees to go to New Asgard and get patched up.

When Jane dies in Thor’s (substantial) arms soon after the final struggle with Gorr, she disintegrates into stardust like Odin (Anthony Hopkins) did in Thor: Ragnarok, hinting that she experienced been acknowledged as an Asgardian regardless of currently being born human.

This may possibly mean Jane will be allowed to rest amongst the other fallen gods in the afterlife and we is not going to see her again (especially due to the fact getting Portman, Elba and Hopkins again would be pricey). On the other hand, MCU article-credits scenes commonly serve to set up upcoming plotlines and Jane’s comedian counterpart turned a Valkyrie right after her time as Mighty Thor concluded.

A winged, armored Jane Foster smiles as she flies on the cover of Jane Foster: Valkyrie 1

Jane’s comedian superhero career led her to grow to be Valkyrie.

Marvel Comics

In the MCU, this group of elite female warriors was slaughtered in struggle with the goddess of death Hela. King Valkyrie (Tessa Thompson) was the only survivor. In the comics and Norse mythology, the Valkyries guideline individuals who drop in fight in Valhalla, so their MCU counterparts could have absent on to provide a similar objective — Jane could finally join their ranks.

Valhalla is also most likely just a dimension in the MCU, and it may be possible to journey to and from it because the multiverse was cracked open up in the Loki season finale. So, Jane and Thor could satisfy all over again.

Could Loki be in Valhalla?

The authentic MCU Loki is dead, getting been killed by Thanos in Avengers: Infinity War (the a person we adopted in the Disney In addition series was an alternate timeline Variant). Given that the OG Loki was killed in fight, he should’ve been rewarded with a blissful eternity in Valhalla. 

It’s also doable the first model of the character isn’t lifeless, considering the fact that the more mature Typical Loki — a Variant from still an additional timeline — witnessed in the Disney Furthermore series unveiled that he experienced tricked Thanos with a super-reasonable projection. Immediately after that, he lived in solitude on a distant planet “for a extended, extended time.”

Classic Loki’s timeline diverged from the primary one when he remaining the distant globe to see Thor. That indicates the typical variation of the character remained in isolation, so he might not have designed it to Valhalla soon after all.


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