Many firms confront the flaws of their Web Hosting provider only when faced with issues that directly impact their business. 

Selecting the right NZ web host is paramount to building your online presence and should be well-assessed before any problems occur.

To avoid pitfalls, note these 8 critical questions to find the best Website and Domain Hosting services for your needs before committing.

8 Questions You Must Ask Your Web Hosting Provider

  1. Is Technical Support Available?

Take note of the available support channels (live chat, email, phone, ticket system) and the Service Level Agreement provided. Ensure the Web Host’s support team is accessible to you 24/7. 

Explore their blogs, forums, and other resources, as they can be valuable sources of information and assistance.

  1. What is Your Backup Policy?

Protecting the files of your website is always a wise practice. A reliable backup policy ensures that no valuable information is ever lost. 

Inquiring about the type of backup policy included, and its frequency of execution provides reassurance that your site is consistently protected.

  1. How Scalable is the Web Hosting Plan?

Online businesses aim to grow and expand with larger websites, more features, and increased traffic. In such cases, inquire if your provider’s Web Hosting services will accommodate your requirements. 

For example, will they be available if you need more bandwidth, storage, or unique features not included in your current plan? And, importantly, what are the associated costs?

  1. Are Any Additional Features Offered?

Additional features like SSL certificates, domain names, VPN, anti-malware, and others can make a significant difference. 

For WordPress site owners, a reliable website builder that enhances the speed of your site can be a decisive factor.

  1. What is your Uptime Assurance?

Nothing is more crucial than maintaining uptime and reliability. Most reputable Web Hosting sites offer an uptime guarantee of 99.9%, while some go as far as 99.99%. 

If your prospective NZ Web Hosting provider does not provide a guarantee, assess their historical uptime rate to determine if it is still worth considering.

  1. Do you Permit Add-On Domains?

If you have plans to have multiple websites, ensure your hosting provider allows for the inclusion of multiple add-on domains. 

Whether you intend to have multiple domains from the beginning or consider it in the future, you must choose an NZ Web Host that supports this feature.

  1. Can you Share Details about Past Instances of Downtime?

Downtime refers to the period when a website is not accessible. However, the possibility of experiencing website downtime always exists. 

Here are a couple of questions to ask about downtime:

  • What is the procedure to be followed if my site goes offline?
  • Is there a protocol for notifying and responding to downtime incidents outside regular business hours, such as in the middle of the night?
  1. What Areas of Responsibility do you Assume?

Clarify the company’s accountability level during service interruptions in advance.

While they may not be held responsible for events like power outages beyond their control, it’s worthwhile to inquire about any potential suspension of charges in such situations.

The Bottom Line

Encountering Small to Medium Businesses (SMBs) with negative experiences with web hosting providers is common. 

When choosing an NZ Web Hosting plan, thoroughly research and ask the above questions. 

The checklist covers the key topics that should be discussed and the questions posed to any provider under consideration.