The State of Digital Adoption Report 2022 - Userlane

Digital transformation has become a cornerstone of success for several businesses these days. More and more organizations are adopting digital tools and software for their day-to-day operations, which is why user adoption has become crucial. This demand has led to the popularity of Digital Adoption Platforms or DAPs. So, why are more and more businesses investing in these DAPs. Find out the reasons below.

Enhance the Rate of Software Adoption:

There’s always a better way to do things. Technology continues to evolve and introduces new ways and approaches to get things done easier and faster. When you integrate a new software to your organization, it could take time for people to adapt. The steep learning curve could be off putting to some users.

This is where Digital Adoption Platforms can be helpful. DAPs simplify the learning process for everyone, reducing frustration for your employees and helping them familiarize themselves with a new tool that could help them in the long run.

Fasten User Onboarding:

A traditional training session may not sound like a big deal for most organizations. But when you hold a session for 150 employees, you’re losing hours of productivity. Furthermore, employees will have to spend additional hours learning the software while it’s being rolled out. This time could have been spent by your team on important work to help generate revenue for the company.

Digital Adoption Platforms will easily speed up any software rollout, meaning better productivity and zero missed opportunities.

Gain a Competitive Edge:

Any feature-rich software can improve business efficiency and minimizing wastage of resources. Digital Adoption Platforms encourage users to use the software in the most convenient manner possible. Over time, you will notice that the productivity of your employees’ skyrockets to new heights. While the competition is still playing catchup, your business will continue to achieve new goals and leverage better opportunities.

Make the Most of Tools and Applications:

Are your employees using the software to its fullest potential? Do they regularly submit tickets? If not, it’s likely that the software adoption is lower than expected. Without utilizing the full power of the tools, it wouldn’t be easy for any business to obtain the required ROI. However, with WalkMe Digital Adoption Platforms, employees will quickly become experts and ensure to use the right features at the right time.

Better Employee Focus:

Conventional training sessions can be boring and exhausting. Not everyone is equally as excited about a meeting that could possibly go on for hours. Boredom can inhibit anyone’s learning process, which is why you need to implement a learning process that is fully effective. And that’s exactly what a Digital Adoption Platform is. It is interactive, fun, and convenient for anyone.

The best Digital Adoption Platform is not just about seamlessly integrating new tools and applications, but also about future-proofing your business. DAPs are an investment that allows your company to thrive, no matter what.