Pick the Best Anti-Aging Sunscreen – Top 5 Tips 

The new superfood in skincare for anti-aging is sunscreen. Our skin is more vulnerable to UV harm as we age, and photo-aging effects are hastened. The likelihood of acquiring wrinkles and pigmentation rises, and fine lines are more noticeable. It is impossible to overstate the value of sunscreen in anti-aging […]

Finding the path that leads to crypto maturity

Register now for your free virtual pass to the Low-Code/No-Code Summit this November 9. Hear from executives from Service Now, Credit Karma, Stitch Fix, Appian, and more. Learn more. We are 13 years into the grand cryptocurrency experiment. And to many, it’s a mysterious brew of funny money and speculative […]

Why Sensors Are Key IoT Cybersecurity

Sensors enabled by the Internet of Things are network-connected smart devices that collect and transmit real-time data about their environment. The data they provide lets people make better-informed decisions. The use of IoT sensors has grown explosively in recent years because their increasing functionality, small size, and low power consumption […]

It’s time to prioritize SaaS security

We’ve made a point of shoring up security for infrastructure-as-a-service clouds since they are so complex and have so many moving parts. Unfortunately, the many software-as-a-service systems in use for more than 20 years now have fallen down the cloud security priority list. Organizations are making a lot of assumptions […]

Spark on Hadoop integration with Jupyter

For several years, Jupyter notebook has established itself as the notebook solution in the Python universe. Historically, Jupyter is the tool of choice for data scientists who mainly develop in Python. Over the years, Jupyter has evolved and now has a wide range of features thanks to its plugins. Also, […]

Best Lego Sets in 2022

Best Lego Sets TechnoBuffalo 2022 Lego sets deliver a fun way to combine imagination, with the worlds that children see in other games, movies, books, or television series. From Harry Potter to Minecraft, to outer space, there are hundreds of different Lego sets from which to choose. That can make […]