TypeScript 4.7 adds ESM support in Node.js


TypeScript 4.7, now in a beta launch, offers ECMAScript module (ESM) support for Node.js 12 as perfectly as a multitude of coding enhancements.

Unveiled April 8, TypeScript 4.7 is the latest planned version of Microsoft’s strongly typed JavaScript. TypeScript 4.7 backs ECMAScript module guidance in Node.js 12, one thing that experienced been planned for TypeScript 4.5 late past calendar year but was delayed.

Nightly-only support for ECMAScript modules in Node.js was rolled out in the TypeScript 4.5 timeframe. These modules permit reuse of code by way of packaging. Utilizing this assistance has been hard for the reason that Node.js was designed on a diverse module technique, CommonJS. TypeScript 4.7 provides this functionality with two module options, node12 and nodenext. Opinions on this ability is sought and can be made available on GitHub.

TypeScript 4.7 is because of to get to a release applicant phase on May 10, followed by a remaining release on May possibly 24. The beta can be accessed by using NPM:

npm set up typescript@beta

Other capabilities in TypeScript 4.7 involve:

  • To handle module detection, TypeScript 4.7 introduces the choice moduleDetection.
  • A moduleSuffixes alternative is supported to customise lookup of module specifiers.
  • With regulate circulation analysis for pc attributes, TypeScript analyzes the kind of computed properties and narrows them effectively.
  • TypeScript now can accomplish more granular inferences from capabilities with objects and arrays. This will allow styles of these capabilities to persistently stream in a remaining-to-appropriate method, just like for basic arguments.
  • Functions and constructors can be fed style arguments right.
  • Developers can explicitly specify variance on style parameters.
  • typeof queries can be carried out on personal fields.
  • Arrange Imports is executed in a team-knowledgeable manner.
  • Snippet completions are presented for item literal solutions.
  • Below strictNullChecks, the form checker disables a form protection gap that was taken care of for backward compatibility, the place variety parameters were viewed as to be assignable to and item. This is a breaking change.
  • A readonly tuple now will take care of its duration home as readonly. This also is a breaking alter.

Predecessor TypeScript 4.6, centering on abilities this sort of as ECMAScript 2022 assistance and recursion checks, was released February 28.

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