Top NAS100 brokers in South Africa

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The NAS100 (also known as the NASDAQ100 or the USA100) is the most widely followed index for technology investments. It is made up of the NASDAQ’s top 100 companies by market capitalization. 

The NAS100 has beaten all major indices in the last decade due to its heavy exposure to technology businesses. Microsoft, Apple, Amazon, Alphabet (Google), and Facebook, collectively known as the Big Five, are the key components of the NASDAQ100. 

They are the index’s most heavily weighted components, accounting for more than 40% of the total. Intel, Netflix, Nvidia, Pepsi, Cisco, Adobe, PayPal, Comcast, Tesla, Amgen, Costco, Gilead, and Starbux are among the NAS100’s other notable corporations.

Top Nas100 brokers in South Africa:

  1. VantageFX:

VantageFX is a South African share trading platform that is both flexible and strong. You can trade over 50 US equities, 50+ Australian companies, and 70+ European stocks with this broker (including the UK). Because all stocks are traded as CFDs, you can leverage your trades up to 20:1. As a result, VantageFX is suitable for securing key roles in major corporations.

Vantage also offers 15 stocks index CFDs, including one for the NASDAQ 100. This broker is a wonderful alternative if you want to make a big bet on the US IT sector because you can trade the NASDAQ 100 with leverage up to 333:1.

The cost of trading with VantageFX is one of the platform’s major drawbacks. Fixed commissions of $6 per trade for US stocks and €10 per trade for UK and EU stocks are charged by the platform. There’s no additional spread to worry about, and there are no inactivity fees, but these commissions are already quite high.

VantageFX is licenced in both Australia and the United Kingdom. A $200 minimum deposit is required to open an account.

  1. IG NAS100 Trader:

IG is a well-known brokerage firm that was founded more than four decades ago. IG is highly popular among day traders, despite the fact that it also offers traditional investing. This is due to the fact that its platform is loaded with innovative tools and capabilities. Multiple order kinds, pricing alerts, and chart drawing tools, for example, are available on IG’s proprietary platform.

You’ll also get access to a variety of technical indicators, as well as current pricing fees and the choice to trade in your preferred currency. Alternatively, because IG is completely compatible with this popular third-party platform, you can trade using MT4. In any case, when you trade the NASDAQ 100 with IG, you will benefit from industry-leading technology.

If you trade in the evening or on the weekend, keep in mind that the spread can increase to 5 points. The spread includes commissions, so you always know how much you’re paying. You may also trade the NASDAQ 100 with leverage at IG. Whether you’re a retail or professional client, you’ll have different restrictions. The minimum deposit to trade on IG is £250, and the site accepts both debit and credit cards.


This article provides a detailed overview of top two nas100 brokers in South Africa. It is essential to conduct a detailed analysis of any broker before you start trading with them. Otherwise, you will face a lot of difficulty in understanding their process and transactions in future. Nas100 is considered to be the first choice of traders because it has a larger volatility than other indices like the S& P500 or the DOW JONES. Another reason for the NAS100’s popularity among traders is its high concentration of Big Tech companies. No other index has such a significant exposure to the Big Five (almost 40%). (Microsoft, Apple, Amazon, Google and Facebook).

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