Stop Using the iOS Highlighter to Hide Personal Info in Your Photos


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You should not stick to just about every piece of TikTok tips that passes by means of your feed, but this latest tech suggestion producing the rounds is value heeding: Never use the iOS highlighter pen to block important data in screenshots and other visuals.

As shown by the TikTok account lifehack.america (no relation), other iOS end users can reverse particular edits you make to illustrations or photos. For case in point, let us say you use the highlighter pen software in the inventory iOS Shots application to block out data. Yet another person could open the marked up picture in Images, as well, then edit the publicity and brilliance to “undo” the highlighter marks and see what you have been hiding. This trick is doable simply because the highlighter device isn’t in fact drawing opaque pixels immediately on to the graphic, but relatively just transforming the hue and darkness of the pixels that are already there.

While this alarming revelation will probable give users pause up coming time they achieve for the highlighter instrument to block cell phone quantities, person names, bank card specifics, and other delicate information and facts, it doesn’t always rule out drawing more than visuals as a way to keep points non-public.

As some people in lifehack.america’s feedback level out, the brilliance and exposure trick only works if the information beneath is hidden with a single line from the highlighter software. Multiple strokes are additional probable to obfuscate whatsoever it is you’re hoping to disguise. Notice that “multiple strokes” doesn’t suggest chaotically scribbling in a single go—you have to continuously draw strains by touching the screen, dragging your finger, then lifting it above and about again to develop a number of strokes.

Uncomplicated techniques to reliably cover sensitive info on your Iphone

On the other hand, there are far more dependable means to cover your details, like the Pictures app’s rectangle software, or even blocking things with emojis. You can also crop your impression in Photographs so no private facts appears. Tlisted here are also third-get together applications like MaskerAid or Sign that enable you blur or draw specifically on an picture (relatively than on new “layers”) to securely block out everything you’re attempting to hide. And, of course, you can also add your photos to picture editing tools like Photoshop or GIMP, attract in excess of or crop out sensitive info, then help you save as a JPEG or PNG to merge the levels and protect against other people from undoing your edits.

Whichever applications you use, just make absolutely sure anything you include up is entirely blotted out, due to the fact there are tools that can very easily reveal partially obstructed text and “unblur” visuals. Or, y’know, just do not ship or add nearly anything with essential details at all in the to start with place.

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