Social media sides with Johnny Depp in trial with Amber Heard

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Ayesha Rascoe |&#13
Sunday, May 22, 2022

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Ayesha Rascoe talks to sociologist Nicole Bedera about the on the web awareness surrounding the Johnny Depp-Amber Heard trial and its implications for discussions about intimate spouse violence.



The trial in between actors Johnny Depp and Amber Listened to looks to be everywhere these times, on the information, in the tabloids and especially on TikTok. Depp sued his ex-wife for defamation for an op-ed she wrote in The Washington Article in 2018 about being a survivor of domestic violence. And even though there is even now a lot of trial to go, social media has already reached its verdict. The 1-time “Pirates Of The Caribbean” star is gaining much a lot more sympathy on the net than Read is. To examine this situation and the reaction to it, we are joined now by sociologist Nicole Bedera. She’s joining us from Salt Lake Town. Nicole, thank you for signing up for us.

NICOLE BEDERA: Thank you for getting me.

RASCOE: So social media buyers, they truly look to be having Depp’s side in this case. Like, you appear at the hashtag #IStandWithAmberHeard on TikTok, that hashtag has all around 2.4 million sights – million with an M – whilst #JusticeForJohnnyDepp has more than 6.8 billion with a B – views. Why do you imagine that is?

BEDERA: I feel there are a lot of causes for that. Just one of them which is actually very simple, and that we simply cannot forget about is, in a defamation scenario, Johnny Depp will get to go 1st. And so his side of the tale has been instructed in whole. And a ton of men and women produced up their minds after 7 days one particular of the circumstance or day a few of the situation. But the other purpose is that in online spaces, we often see that men’s rights groups and other anti-feminist teams are better structured. We know that men’s legal rights activist forums, for case in point, have been following the Heard case rather meticulously.

RASCOE: Do you think it truly is also this factor of since Johnny Depp is these kinds of a huge star, you know, the plan of him carrying out a little something untoward is challenging for them to accept?

BEDERA: Yeah, this is one thing I say a large amount. We all assume that sexual violence is improper and say that we will believe and help survivors, up right up until the perpetrator is a person we know and like. You don’t want to feel like you are a bad man or woman if you continue to like “Pirates Of The Caribbean.”

RASCOE: Throughout the trial, Johnny Depp has accused Listened to of assaulting him and said that he is a victim of domestic violence. Like, how has that performed out on social media, particularly mainly because I know you explained a lot of these men’s rights teams have attached on to this?

BEDERA: So in our society, we count on that victims healthy a specific mould. We get in touch with it the best sufferer trope. And often we confuse victims’ self-defense as a kind of aggression. And this is genuinely prevalent in scenarios like this, where by perpetrators will assert that they are the accurate victims. They do anything that psychologists call DARVO. DARVO is an acronym that stands for deny, assault and reverse target and offender. And we are viewing it on display really obviously in this circumstance, where by Johnny Depp is denying, not that he was violent. He in fact is still admitting that there was violence coming from him in this romance. But he is denying the Amber Heard’s tale of it is honest and as an alternative stating that she drove him to violence.

RASCOE: We should really be aware that Heard did not title Depp in The Washington Publish op-ed, but Depp states his popularity was damage nonetheless. What type of impact could this trial have on victims of personal spouse violence and their willingness to appear forward?

BEDERA: This is my greatest issue about this scenario, and I assume it is a little something which is genuinely gotten lost in the sensationalism all over the demo. Suitable now, his crew is alleging that if a lady will come forward and identifies as a survivor in general public, that that could count as defamation.

RASCOE: Do you believe that this threat would be the case even for persons who are not large profile?

BEDERA: Certainly. It can be currently occurring. And so in accordance to a Know Your IX report from 2021, they located that of the survivors that report to their universities, 23% are threatened with defamation lawsuits by their perpetrators, and 10% face some type of a retaliatory criticism on campus.

RASCOE: I necessarily mean, if you glance at Johnny Depp’s standing in Hollywood, like, it has taken a hit. Producer Jerry Bruckheimer just mentioned he does not have any options to bring Depp again to the “Pirates” franchise. So, like, it seems like, whilst on line he’s having a ton of sympathy, in Hollywood, he is dealing with, at least for now, some repercussions. Why do you believe you will find that disconnect?

BEDERA: A person query I have is, correct now, in our type of publish-#MeToo instant, we’re making an attempt to decide what the consequences ought to be for intimate lover violence. And the fact is that Johnny Depp is struggling with a lot of repercussions for committing acts of violence, not just to Amber Heard but also for volatile behavior on set. And individuals who operate alongside him have a bit clearer of a picture than any person who’s looking at it on TikTok and will not know any of the persons included in this case. Each Johnny Depp and Amber Heard admit that there was violence in this romantic relationship. The query is regardless of whether or not there should really be outcomes for that violence. And that’s the battle we are owning in public suitable now.

RASCOE: That is Nicole Bedera, a sociologist who specializes in sexual violence. Thank you so much for getting with us.

BEDERA: Thank you so substantially for acquiring me. Transcript furnished by NPR, Copyright NPR.

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