Kodak Film Factory Revealed | Hackaday

Anybody born before the mid 1990s will likely remember film cameras being used to document their early years.  Although the convenience of digital cameras took over and were then themselves largely usurped by mobile phones, there is still a surprising variety of photographic film being produced.  Despite the long pedigree, […]

Best Power Bank for iPhone for 2022

The iPhone 14 has an impressive battery life, but even the latest Apple phone won’t run forever. Having your phone die on you at an inconvenient time is one of the worst feelings in the world, so why wouldn’t you take the proper precaution to make sure you always have […]

How to Start Selling Your Baked Goods Online

If you’re the go-to person whenever friends, family, and co-workers need a cake for an office function or birthday, maybe it’s time to start selling your baked goods online. In this day and age, people would rather support small businesses than big-name grocery stores – which presents a golden opportunity […]

Create a NEW Google Jamboard

I use Google Jamboard a lot. I love the collaboration and interactive space. Here is a Google Jamboard I made using Open Middle. What I love about the Jam is that I want students to show their thinking and reasoning. This means they do an initial attempt and then on […]