Smart Building Technology: Examples and Opportunities

With the increasing technological advancements and consumer demands in day-to-day life, everything is becoming intelligent. As a result, things around us have dramatically transformed from wristwatches to mobile devices, cars, and homes. The next frontier evolution is smart buildings, rapidly transitioning the lifestyle of humans on personal and professional fronts. […]

Record set with 2-million-year-old ancient DNA

DNA breaks apart with time, so the older it is, the smaller the pieces become—until there’s nothing left to detect. And the shorter the fragments are, the trickier it is to assign them to a specific groups of plants or animals. “The huge damage pattern made it very clear it […]

Reasons to Use a Bitcoin ATM in Turkey

Introduction A Bitcoin ATM, also known as BTC ATM, is a self-service machine used for Bitcoin transactions. However, you can also buy and sell other cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum, Doge, Bitcoin Cash, or any other if they are one of the acceptable crypto coins at the machine. If you are […]

C++ overtakes Java in language popularity index

C++ ranks higher than Java in the Tiobe language popularity index for the first time ever, dating back to 2001. Java slipped to a new low in the latest edition of the index. The December 2002 Tiobe Programming Community Index has C++, ranked third, surpassing Java, ranked fourth. It is […]

The wild new technology coming to offshore wind power

The solution, as Weinstein sees it, is to build floating turbines. Offshore wind power is following a progression that oil and gas companies charted with drilling rigs: moving from onshore to offshore to floating installations, Weinstein said. Weinstein has been involved in some of the world’s first demonstration projects for floating […]

Things to consider when porting games to Switch

Nintendo Switch porting is converting a game from one platform to run on another. Nintendo Switch porting ideally enables players to switch between home console and handheld device seamlessly, though it is only sometimes possible due to technical limitations. Porting games to switch is often a laborious process, and due […]

Apple Angers FBI By Offering More Privacy And Security To Users

from the oh-no-the-government-is-feeling-ways-about-stuff dept Apple has always been a market leader in user security. Things haven’t changed, no matter how much the FBI wishes/litigates. What’s most important to Apple is that users can trust it to keep their personal info and communications private and secure. What’s most important to federal […]