IBM PCjr Types Again, Thanks To KeybJr


Most of us feel of keyboards — even vintage types — as being reasonably standardized and interchangeable, but that is not the situation for the IBM PCjr. Its keyboard was quite as opposed to most other people of its time, which usually means that a PCjr without an original keyboard is really significantly a dust collector. That is what led [Jozef Bogin] to produce the KeybJr, a piece of components that lets one particular to use any AT, XT, or PS/2 keyboard with the IBM PCjr.

The PCjr’s oddball keyboard can be a little bit of a headache for vintage computing lovers.

What was odd about the PCjr’s keyboard? From the outside the house it appeared quite standard, but it definitely had its have thing heading on. For just one, the PCjr keyboard operated in excess of a absolutely various protocol than the other keyboards of the time. In addition, its relationship to the host was either by IR, or through its own wired cable adapter.

The KeybJr solves this by using an Arduino-based board to turn inputs from other keyboards of the time into some thing the PCjr expects. These alerts are despatched out and received either about infrared, or by the PCjr’s “K” port for a wired keyboard hyperlink.

Why bother with the IR features? Nicely, the connector and pins on the PCjr are not very rugged, and sometimes they are harmed. In those people conditions, it is great to have the option of utilizing a standard (for the time) keyboard above the IR hyperlink. Classic components is not generally in ideal shape, following all. That’s why factors like ATX energy offer adapters for the PCjr exist.

Want to give it a shot? There is a GitHub repository for the KeybJr, and you can see it in motion in a short online video, embedded beneath. at?v=Bb4gKPUSRpY


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