How to scan a Spotify code on your device

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How to scan a Spotify code on your device


Spotify codes, launched back again in 2017, perform equally to QR codes. They are special identifiers for components within just the Spotify method, together with tunes, albums, playlists, podcasts, and profiles. By figuring out how to scan a Spotify code, you help you save your self time finding and accessing articles.

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To scan a Spotify code, all you have to do is open your Spotify Android or iOS application. From there, head to the Search bar, located at the base between Home and Your Library. Pick out the camera icon in the lookup bar at the leading, and then position your camera at whichever Spotify code you would like to open up.

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How to scan Spotify codes (Android and iOS gadgets only)

Spotify codes can be discovered everywhere, from bus stations to billboards to your friend’s mobile phone. Scanning Spotify codes is only doable on Android and iOS cellular devices, not from the desktop application or world wide web player.

To scan a Spotify code from your Android or iOS system, open the Spotify app and tap the Lookup tab from the toolbar alongside the bottom of the application. Tap within the Artists, music, or podcasts subject to open the lookup functionality.

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Choose the digicam icon in the Research bar to open up your camera. Level your digital camera at any Spotify code to scan it.

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When your Spotify cellular app recognizes a Spotify code, the app will quickly redirect you to the encoded information.

What is a Spotify URI code?

Spotify also has one thing called URI codes. These do not operate the exact way as Spotify codes it will do very little if you stage your digicam at a Spotify URI code.

Spotify URI codes are much more like URL one-way links, and they exist exterior of Spotify. URIs are textual content-centered identifiers of anything at all, really. In the case of Spotify, they are used to identify (and backlink to) the identical kinds of things that can be found with Spotify codes. This consists of tunes, podcasts, playlists, and profiles.

How to uncover a Spotify URI code (desktop)

Copy Spotify URI screenshot desktop application

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To uncover a URI code on the Spotify desktop app:

  • Open up the Spotify desktop application.
  • Navigate to whatever piece of information you want the URI code to. This can be a song, album, playlist, podcast, or profile.
  • Appropriate-click that piece of content material.
  • Shift your mouse down the checklist of solutions to Share.
  • With your mouse over Share, maintain down the Ctrl vital on your keyboard (or selection essential for Mac people). This will make the option Copy Spotify URI seem.
  • Nevertheless keeping down that vital, click Duplicate Spotify URI.


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