Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Use Your Phone for Internet Speed Tests

ByJosephine J. Romero

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A person testing their internet speed using their phone.
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Most of us use our phones for basically anything, so it just looks normal to get your telephone to run a pace take a look at on your household world-wide-web link. Here’s why you really should avoid carrying out that—and what to do as a substitute.

Why Your Cellphone Reveals Inaccurate Effects

A problem we generally industry from our concerned neighbors and friends is “I ran a velocity take a look at on my web. Why is it way slower than what I’m having to pay for?”

That’s surely a legitimate dilemma. Who wishes to pay out for the major-tier web deal only to get the budget-tier speeds? Generally, when we dig a tiny further, we obtain out the man or woman ran a pace check on their smartphone and they are upset the end result is a fraction of the anticipated pace. But that end result is to be anticipated in most cases.

How Speed Tests Operate

To comprehend why people frequently get gradual velocity exam outcomes when screening from a smartphone, we have to glimpse at how pace assessments perform.

We have seemed at how world wide web pace checks work in detail, but here’s a person appropriate position to continue to keep in thoughts: The important detail is this: any time you conduct a velocity exam, you are not connecting your standard web connection to the pace take a look at server. You are connecting the machine you are functioning the speed test on to the pace examination server.

Your Phone’s Wi-Fi Connection Is a Bottleneck

The unit, in this circumstance your mobile phone, has to navigate via your household community first and every one issue amongst that system and the pace exam server is a likely bottleneck. The 2nd your highest bandwidth exceeds the potential of any piece of network components concerning your modem and the tests product, you are likely to get inaccurate effects.

If you’re receiving velocity take a look at success that are a portion of the online velocity you pay back for though making use of your cellular phone, the probable culprit driving the bottleneck is your Wi-Fi router and/or the Wi-Fi product you’re managing the exam on.

Why? Due to the fact, other than for people with slower connections, the over-all velocity of the world wide web relationship (as calculated directly at the modem) is more rapidly than what a single connection in between the Wi-Fi hardware and any Wi-Fi gadget can deal with.

This consists of not only smartphones but everything else on the community utilizing Wi-Fi including tablets, laptops, sport consoles, streaming devices, and intelligent TVs. If your general broadband speed is increased than what the Wi-Fi gear in your property can handle, you are going to normally get inaccurate final results running a speed check working with a Wi-Fi machine.

The exception to this rule, of class, is if you are rocking actually awesome hardware connected to a slow broadband relationship. A new Wi-Fi router paired with a new smartphone has much more than plenty of bandwidth potential to outpace a 25 Mpbs DSL connection.

Comparing Wi-Fi and Ethernet Pace Tests

What does this glimpse like below authentic-globe ailments? Let’s jump suitable into an case in point that will most likely come to feel acquainted to tons of people who have operate pace checks applying their smartphones and unknowingly operate into the bottleneck issue.

Say you have a gigabit fiber or cable world-wide-web link. Here’s what a speed examination carried out with your mobile phone may search may possibly glimpse like.

Jason Fitzpatrick/

Our very first sample examination was operate employing the Speedtest.web iOS application on an Apple iphone 13 linked to a Wi-Fi 5 community on a gigabit fiber connection in a household locale.

Roughly 240 Mpbs to a single gadget is definitely not a horrible connection pace, to be confident. At that velocity, there’s no amount of money of streaming movie or cellular recreation updating you’ll be performing that leaves you saying “Ugh, why is this stupid phone so slow?” But it’s clearly not the speed you’d assume from a gigabit fiber connection. So, if you ran this check suitable after you bought gigabit fiber set up, you’d probably be a little bit dismayed.

We performed the exact check, employing the exact same Iphone 13, but linked to a Wi-Fi 6 accessibility position on the very same property web relationship.

Switching from a Wi-Fi 5 entry issue to a Wi-Fi 6 accessibility issue yields a substantial boost in each add and down load pace since the Apple iphone 13 can choose benefit of the improvements Wi-Fi 6 provides. But it continue to doesn’t accurately reflect the bandwidth of the online relationship. You’d be happier with this check, but would possible however surprise why you’re having to pay for gigabit web if you’re not having it.

Here’s the very same check, performed with a desktop pc with Gigabit Ethernet using the Speedtest.internet web site, all whilst linked to the same home network and world-wide-web relationship.

An example of a speed test conducted using a wired Ethernet connection and a desktop computer.
Jason Fitzpatrick/Speedtest.internet

The velocity test effects here, somewhere around 945 Mbps, are much more reflective of the sort of speed you would expect from a gigabit fiber relationship. Looking at we didn’t kick everyone off the LAN to carry out this exam or run it in total isolation, we’re not anxious about it not getting a fantastic 1000/1000. Accounting for standard overhead and exercise, which is exact adequate.

If we experienced examined the identical relationship applying a laptop’s Wi-Fi connection and then plugged the laptop into the router by means of Ethernet to take a look at once more, you could assume to see the very same results regardless of the examination staying done on the identical gadget. Ethernet will continually outpace Wi-Fi in any form of sustained speed check.

How Need to I Take a look at My Internet Speed?

If tests your web pace making use of your cellular phone is out of the problem (in scenarios wherever your world wide web speed is higher than what your telephone and Wi-Fi router can handle,) then what must you do?

Exam at the Router Stage

Remember just a minute in the past when we emphasised that a pace take a look at is actually screening the connection among the test product and the velocity check server? Preferably, you must take a look at your internet velocity with a gadget that is connected as closely and competently to the modem as doable.

If you have a present day router with beefy inside hardware, there’s a great probability that you can perform a pace exam on the router itself by logging into the router’s regulate panel and starting off the take a look at there. In terms of proximity and efficiency, it is quite rough to beat managing the check right on the hardware that pipes the online connection into the relaxation of your community.

Take a look at Making use of an Ethernet Relationship

Another very good alternative, if you just can’t operate the take a look at on your router, is to use a product with an Ethernet interface such as a notebook, desktop Pc, or even a match console. Plug the machine specifically into your modem and carry out the exam that way. If you by now have a setup in place with a community swap linked to your modem/router, you can always plug into that as a substitute.

Assuming you’re not using a dusty aged 10/100MB change with your new fiber modem or functioning the take a look at with a really previous laptop with a 10/100MB port, this is just as very good as functioning the exam on the router by itself as lengthy as your hardware is up to snuff.

Just cannot Do Possibly? Call Your ISP

If you really don’t have a router that supports on-unit tests and your family is entirely Wi-Fi without the need of any ethernet equipment to test the router with, you are going to possibly will need to borrow some devices from a mate or call your ISP.

You are going to also want to get in touch with your ISP if you operate the pace check with suitable hardware and the effects are not what you expect, so they can help you rule out any challenges. It’s possible a thing is not configured effectively on their end.

In both equally situations—lack of screening components or effects that clearly show there is a problem—they can constantly mail out a technician to your house to hook a diagnostic device ideal up to the line and rule out any link or components challenges on their aspect of the equation.

Must it turn out the challenge is in point your network equipment simply because your Wi-Fi router is outdated ample to begin driver’s schooling, it’s in all probability time to update to a new one.


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