Google Pixel 7 Appears on eBay Six Months Early

ByJosephine J. Romero

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Google Pixel 7 Appears on eBay Six Months Early


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A couple of years ago, Google gave up on trying to keep its Pixel smartphones underneath wraps in the months in advance of launch. Now, it spills the beans early, as it did all through the modern Google I/O celebration when it unveiled the Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro. This telephone will not launch until finally late 2022, but the components is now in the wild. We know this due to the fact the Pixel 7 appeared for sale on eBay over the weekend, and it will get improved. The listing photos had been captured with a Pixel 7 Pro. 

This is not the initial time an unreleased Google telephone popped up for sale before launch. Back again in the Pixel 3 era, a significant range of pre-launch equipment confirmed up on line, offered mainly by Russian sellers. It was the adhering to calendar year when Google made a decision to halt actively playing coy with cellular phone releases. It started off chatting about the Pixel 4 months early, and the similar has been true of most of its subsequent releases. While, asserting the Pixel 7 at I/O was the earliest unveiling yet. We anticipate this cell phone will occur out in October or November 2022. 

The telephone in the listing is the black model and seems to be very close to the unit Google showed off in render variety on the stage at I/O. There’s a hole-punch display, a shiny glass again, and a outstanding digicam bar. The style of the bar has improved a touch this 12 months — it’s now all aluminum, whereas it was a mixture of glass and plastic in the 2021 Pixels. 

Because the back again is so reflective (no matte glass option on the 2022 Pixels), you can see what the vendor made use of to snap the pics… and it’s the Pixel 7 Pro. This individual has (or experienced) accessibility to the two unreleased gadgets, which they claim are operating Android 13 with in-progress applications. The Pixel 7 has 128GB of storage and 8GB of RAM, paired with an updated variation of Google’s Tensor processor. The vendor disclaims any duty for the purpose of this phone—it’s prevalent for prototype equipment to have a remote eliminate switch of some sort. 

The vendor canceled the listing prior to it could be sold at or above the $450 starting bid. There could be a number of reasons for that. A person may well have achieved out in the hopes of arranging a private sale that did not involve a general public eBay listing. Google could also have swooped in, demanding its residence back. I’ve listened to unconfirmed studies that this is what transpired, but the company is not about to affirm everything at this place. 

Regardless, the hardware appears very good for a prototype. It’s difficult to think this cellular phone will not even go on sale for fifty percent a 12 months. With that significantly guide time, it possibly would have marketed for considerably more than $450.

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