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I use Google Maps practically every working day. I use it for instructions, obviously, but I also use it the way most men and women use Yelp — for cafe solutions. I’ll also fireplace up the Maps app if I need practice schedules, to discover the nearest restroom at an airport, or to learn what an area’s places of interest could be. It is, with out a question, a person of my most-applied apps.

Nonetheless, that does not signify it’s great. In fact, there is a enormous problem with the application that drives me crazy: the absence of an capacity to block firms from research outcomes. This would seem like a basic element, but Google just won’t deliver it.

Just before I get into my complaint, allow me show you what I’m talking about.

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Google Maps lookup effects: Not what I want

Let us say I’ve traveled to a location I’ve by no means been to just before. All of a sudden, I get the craving for some tea (a popular occurrence for me). I can request Maps to pull up a checklist of tea places close by, as witnessed in the screenshots underneath.

This is a fantastic attribute I use all the time. Even so, observe the third screenshot. See how it has suggested Dunkin’ as a doable tea place? I do not want to go to Dunkin’. I never ever, at any time want to go there. Dunkin’ has awful tea and, most of the time, has tiny to no seating. Additionally, it’s a massive chain — I’d a lot rather go to a compact business enterprise and support the locals.

I’ve regularly told Google Maps I’m not intrigued in Dunkin’ but it however suggests it to me.

Now, I have told Google Maps that I’m not intrigued in Dunkin’ (see fourth and fifth screenshots). You can do this by opening Maps, tapping your profile picture, and then going to Options > Handle your preferences. Unfortunately, this doesn’t change substantially for your research outcomes. You are going to even now see ads for Dunkin’ and you’ll however see Dunkin’ spots prompt to you. The only point that changes is you will see a decreased match proportion next to the small business — in the case of Dunkin’ it is a 5% match for me.

I want this to be a % match and I really don’t want to see it in my outcomes anymore. Why can’t I do this, Google?

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I can block Google Information benefits, why can’t I block businesses?

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In the Google News application, you can block full sources. Let’s say I don’t want to see any stories from a web page known as “The Best Dunkin’ Blog site.” I can come across a tale from that supply in the Information app, click on the overflow icon, and tap “Hide all stories.” Growth: I’ll in no way see an posting from “The Finest Dunkin’ Blog” once again.

This function is there for the reason that Google understands that you may not have confidence in some information sources — or just really do not like them. Why can not it realize that we really do not believe in/like some companies, both?

The incapability to block companies in Maps can make it a much less useful application.

Naturally, I know the solution to this question: dollars. Google does not make immediate advertisement revenue from news websites, so there would in no way be a time that it would need to push you an advert for a information website page. Google Maps — and Google’s principal supply of profits, Look for — rely on adverts for profit. If I block Dunkin’ from my Maps search final results, Google would then need to have to also block Dunkin’ adverts, which would minimize into its bottom line. This is also why there is no formal way to block web pages from your lookups within just Google Lookup (even though there are workarounds).

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Even though I realize the reasoning, this entire predicament can make Maps less valuable to me. I don’t want Dunkin’ in my search effects, and I really do not want Chick-fil-A there, either. I’m by no means likely to a Dwelling Depot at any time all over again, and I’d enjoy to in no way listen to about Passion Foyer as extensive as I stay. Maps would be a far better product or service if I could tell it to end suggesting that I should pay a visit to these enterprises.


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