Foam Cutter Moves Like A Hot Knife Through Butter

Josephine J. Romero


Make sufficient makes an attempt to cut foam making use of regardless of what you’ve obtained — utility knife, hacksaw, serrated plastic knife — and you’ll wish tricky for something that cuts cleaner, more rapidly, and better. Although there are all kinds of techniques to construct a hot wire foam cutter, this layout from [jasonwinfieldnz] is both intriguing and imitable.

If you do not already know it, nichrome wire is nifty things that is conveniently accessible in thrift retail outlet hair dryers and toasters. It stretches as it heats up, and shrinks as it cools back down.

The attention-grabbing part of this make is that rather of applying a spring to preserve pressure on the nichrome wire, [jasonwinfieldnz] developed and 3D-printed a bow out of PLA that does the career elegantly. Though [jason] was in the beginning worried that the bow may possibly soften, he discovered in observe that despite the fact that the bow does get heat to the contact, it’s nowhere close to hot more than enough to even warp.

1 wonderful touch is the uncomplicated fence that rides together two slots and secures with wingnuts. We also like that [jason] built this foam cutter mainly from scrap product, and instead than obtain a spool of nichrome, he opted for a skinny heating ingredient and pillaging the wire.

If you’re a nichrome noob, know that it doesn’t consider a lot juice to do the job. Even nevertheless a personal computer power source is what [jason] experienced lying close to, it’s finish overkill, so you would certainly want to restrict the recent. Verify out the make video soon after the split.

Nevertheless not transportable adequate for you? All you genuinely will need is a 18650, some nichrome, and a few bits and bobs to keep it all alongside one another. at?v=Q5-bY5e8Mso


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