Fifty Motored Paraglider Partly Flies, Partly Glides


If there’s a single factor you can count on [Peter Sripol] for, it is for defining the the aviation classification of “Don’t Test This At Home.” In the video clip under the crack, [Peter] shows his newest terror of the skies: A run paraglider backpack that has fifty electrical motors. Does it fly? Yes. Was it a accomplishment? Eh… typically.

As [Peter] even suggests in the video: Do not test this at residence. [Peter] has taken a paraglider, which is fundamentally a non-rigid cloth wing that to the untrained eye resembles a parachute, and powered it with fifty drone motors taken from other projects. Two motors every single are mounted in a drive/pull configuration inside a 5×5 array of 3d printed ducts.

Whilst the experiment was basically a success, it was also a failure because of to not owning sufficient electrical power, way too tiny battery daily life, and over-all just not getting that wonderful. Does each experiment need to have to stop in absolute good results in get to have exciting and study lessons that can be applied to the upcoming iteration? Absolutely not! We applaud [Peter] for getting inclined to fall short- whilst, we have to confess, failing is a whole lot a lot easier when you have presently got a parachute of types deployed!

On the lookout for some extra really don’t-consider-this-at-residence initiatives to gawk at? Appear no more than [Colin Furze] who like [Peter],  has managed to get his have Hackaday tag.


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