10 Things to Consider When Choosing a Website Builder - Gearrice

It was a challenge to build a DIY website. It means, you need to spend months learning to code or pay thousands to a website development agency to build a website. Today, besides these options you can get a website designed a lot quickly, easily, and cheaply. Multiple platforms have website builder tools, which makes it easy for people with negligible or no technical knowledge. Many hosting plans bundle website-building tools, which can be used 24/7. 

Today, millions of online businesses use web builders to use appealing templates and themes with ease, thus launching their web presence. How to choose a suitable web builder seems perplexing. However, here are some things to consider, which will help you make an informed decision.

Determine you goal

  • Will there be the latest news page or blog?
  • Who will regularly update the website?
  • How will website visitors get in touch?
  • Do you desire to include a contact form?
  • Do you plan to upload videos directly to your site?
  • Would you like the feed automatically pull your social media posts?
  • Do you want consumers or visitors to leave comments or reviews?

Before committing to a website builder platform consider all these factors. You don’t want to end up finding that the feature you need is not available or you will have to pay more.


Web builder tools are available on a subscription basis. You don’t have to feel worried but the market is competitive and many scammers offer tempting low rates. This is where you need to research thoroughly because introductory offers usually escalate in the second term. 

Besides, you get what you pay for – limited storage, limited images, limited web pages, and how much traffic you expect to get. You will need to pay for the domain name and remove the website builder’s ad from your webpage. The charges add up, so pay attention to the pricing. 

Your skill level

There is no need to have coding skills but some website builders have a complex interface and need a little learning curve. You can look for web builders offering a free trial for a minimum of two weeks. Some web builder’s offer on-screen prompts you just need to follow them. 

Offered support level

Even with a user-friendly interface, there are times you will encounter some issues with the web builder platform. It is good to choose a website builder tool with dedicated customer support. You can have a live chat or call them or email them to find out how responsive the customer support technicians are. Even check if they offer 24/7 support because all the providers don’t. 

What about SEO?

You just don’t need an aesthetic website only because Google algorithm considers many things for ranking on search results. It looks at things like image alt text, URL structure, mobile-friendly, and site speed. A good web builder provides an easy and clear search-optimizing process. If it doesn’t then move on!

Web builder platforms make huge claims but check customer reviews to get an idea before you sign a contract. Read reviews on the web builder’s platform and ask around social media. People willingly share experiences good and bad on the internet.