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You must join an Early Access Program to install the update, though.

A table fan plugged into an Eve Energy smart plug.

While other companies are struggling to deal with Matter, it seems that Eve has a strong head start. The HomeKit-focused smart home company is currently rolling out its first Matter update to customers in an Early Access Program.

This is a bit confusing, so let me clarify a few things up front. The only products that support this update are Eve’s Door and Window sensors, Motion Sensor (2nd gen), and the Eve Energy smart plug.  Once you update your Eve devices to Matter, they cannot migrate back to HomeKit. (Existing automations and schedules will continue working, and you can still control these devices from the Apple Home app.)

Customers must join an Early Access Program to install the update. Once you’re enrolled in the program (which may take some time), you’ll receive an email containing Test Flight access for the Matter update. Users in Eve’s Beta program can enroll in Early Access starting December 12th. Other users must wait until December 13th to apply for enrollment.

This update requires an iPhone or iPad running iOS 16.2 or later. You’ll also need a Thread Border Router, such as the HomePod Mini or Apple TV 4K. If you haven’t updated your HomePod or Apple TV in a while, do so before updating your Eve devices.

I’m disappointed that this update isn’t very straightforward. But, to be fair, it’s probably out of Eve’s control. The Matter standard is supposed to simplify smart homes by acting as a “universal translator,” effectively making all apps and devices compatible with each other regardless of their brand. But Matter is off to a pretty rocky start, and manufacturers can’t seem to agree on implementation.

Either way, this update opens a lot of doors for Eve. Previously a HomeKit brand, the company’s products now boast compatibility with Samsung SmartThings (support for Alexa and Google Home arrives at a later date). And it’s all thanks to Matter—assuming that everything works correctly, of course.

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