Drone Filming Chile’s Urban Bike Race Takes Some Fancy Radio Gear


Drones have revolutionized the planet of videography in potentially the most significant way since the arrival of digital hardware. They’re applied to get pictures that are impractical or solely difficult to get by any other indicates. The [Dutch Drone Gods] specialize in this kind of get the job done. When it came to filming an urban mountain bike race in a dense Chilean metropolis, they experienced to bust out some major methods.

The FPV movie feed was grainy, but excellent plenty of to keep the pilot on keep track of. The drone carried a separate second digital camera for capturing large-quality footage of the run.

Generally, managing a drone chase cam powering a biker would involve some good 1st-person traveling expertise and a speedy drone. However, for the Red Bull Valparaiso Cerro Abajo city downhill event, this by yourself would not be adequate. The restricted program winds down staircases in between thick concrete partitions and even via houses, presenting large issues to retaining sign integrity. With out a clear online video sign, the pilot simply cannot fly the drone without crashing.

To make this all possible, the crew made use of a wide variety of methods to assistance combat the uncooperative radio setting. Directional antennas ended up applied to goal various sections of the system. On top of that, a second drone was flown high previously mentioned the program carrying a radio repeater, aiding present a better line-of-sight get in touch with to the camera drone next the riders when the buildings would otherwise block the sign to the pilot.

Even with all this do the job, the sign was even now scratchy and would reduce out at some factors. On the other hand, with a little bit of blind faith when chopping as a result of the worst places, the [Dutch Drone Gods] and the [Red Bull] workforce had been able to place alongside one another an incredible FPV drone shot shadowing [Tomas Slavik] on his run down the very tough city class.

Specifics on the specific components are scarce. Having said that, it is something that any skilled drone builder could probably whip up devoid of as well a lot problems. The idea of applying a drone-primarily based repeater is specifically enjoyable, and anything we’re certain could assist out quite a few pilots who come across by themselves working in difficult city environments.

We’ve viewed plenty of fantastic FPV tales over the a long time, from early experiments in the 1980s to fun Do it yourself cockpit builds of now. Movie after the crack.



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