Depa touts high tech farming

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According to Ms Ratchanee, the agriculture sector will see more adoption of digital technologies in production, supported by decreasing costs of related hardware.
According to Ms Ratchanee, the agriculture sector will see additional adoption of electronic technologies in creation, supported by reducing prices of connected hardware.

Thailand’s farming sector is expected to steer to tech adoption, referred to as Agricultural 2. and 3., around the future 5 decades, pushed by decreased products expenses and the government’s aid, in accordance to the Electronic Financial state Marketing Company (Depa).

Agricultural 2. refers to the adoption of equipment, sensor tools and digital instruments for some routines and initial actions to use administration units to deal with e-commerce.

Agricultural 3. problems the use of equipment geared up with sensors and digital devices, coupled with unique software program which can enable the collection and on the web transfer of knowledge.

Agricultural 1. implies labour-centric farming without having the use of technological innovation or electronic resources.

Depa’s 2021 survey on the use of digital engineering in the farming sector shows the state is however in the Agricultural 1. and 2. phases.

According to the agency, much more systems are envisioned to be used to all farming output levels in the next five a long time.

Kasititorn Pooparadai, senior executive vice-president of Depa, mentioned the study was done to evaluate the skill of farmers in making use of digital technology and innovation for their farming and to gauge the country’s adoption of electronic systems for many routines, this sort of as sorting raw supplies, creation processes, buyer relations and business administration.

The survey protected two farmer teams, referred to as younger clever farmers and good farmers, to see how they used engineering to creation.

Ratchanee Iemthanon, head of the Depa’s Electronic Intelligence Tactic and Plan Office, stated the concentration of the use of engineering falls into the level of Agricultural 1. and 2. in every single generation stage.

Non-tech adopters are smaller-scale farmers who lack know-how know-how so they do not realise the value of technology in farming, she claimed.

New generation farmers and those people connected with agreement farming are the teams who use technological know-how, she pointed out.

In accordance to Ms Ratchanee, the agriculture sector will see far more adoption of digital technologies in creation, supported by decreasing charges of relevant components.

The govt also stands completely ready to raise awareness of the worth of systems in farming between growers, which could steer the sector to Agricultural 2. and 3. in the up coming five many years, she stated.

According to Preesan Rakwatin, acting govt vice-president of Depa, the agency stands completely ready to guide farmers in implementing good quality electronic systems designed by Depa-registered startups for their farming procedures to stage up efficiency, cut down fees, maximize efficiency and strengthen cash flow when pushing the sector towards Agriculture 4..

Agriculture 4. refers to the use of electronic tech as a core for farming output.


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