GitHub bolsters NPM access control

Looking to improve the safety and security of NPM JavaScript packages, GitHub is adding granular access tokens to enable fine-grained permissions for NPM accounts, and making its NPM code explorer capability free to users. GitHub on December 6 explained that stolen credentials are a main cause of data breaches. To […]

A Few New Search Tools from Google

Those of you who use Chrome as your primary web browser on your computer or phone, that’s 75% of all readers of according to my Google Analytics account, may notice a few new search tools the next time you update your browser.  Yesterday afternoon Google announced new search shortcuts for […]

How much does an electric bicycle cost?

People of all ages and walks of life are trying to be more active, but sometimes the need for exercise isn’t enough. Whether it’s too far to walk or you can’t get enough cardio in with your lifestyle, an electric bicycle could be the answer! What is an Electric Bicycle? […]