How AI Will Change Chip Design

The end of Moore’s Law is looming. Engineers and designers can do only so much to miniaturize transistors and pack as many of them as possible into chips. So they’re turning to other approaches to chip design, incorporating technologies like AI into the process. Samsung, for instance, is adding AI […]

The Best Surge Protector of 2022

Tripp Lite Update, 12/12/2022: We’ve reviewed our recommendations and have updated the best for home theaters pick with the APC surge protector. What to Look For in a Surge Protector in 2022 How well a surge protector shields connected devices depends on many factors, chief among them being the design. […]

Everything You Need to Know

fatmawati achmad zaenuri/ The Git rebase command moves a branch to a new location at the head of another branch. Unlike the Git merge command, rebase involves rewriting your project history. It’s a great tool, but don’t rebase commits other developers have based work on. The Git rebase command combines […]