Broke up with your partner? Netflix profile transfers are for you.

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  • Netflix has announced profile transfer functionality.
  • This feature lets users transfer their profiles to a new account.
  • Recommendations, saved games, and more are transferred as part of the profile.

Account sharing is a common practice with streaming services, but what if you decide to get your own account instead of using someone else’s login? That generally means you have to start from scratch, but Netflix has now rolled out a solution.

The streaming service has announced profile transfer functionality, allowing people that use your account to transfer their profile to a new account. Transfer your profile and you’ll be keeping personalized recommendations, viewing history, your list, saved games, and other settings.

Netflix says the profile transfer feature is available worldwide from October 17 (yesterday), with users being notified that the option is available on their account via email. To get started, you’ll need to hover over your profile icon on the homepage and then choose “transfer profile.”

Either way, this could be handy for a number of scenarios such as breakups, kids growing up and moving out, and more.

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