Bend Studio Gets New Logo, Shares Info On Unannounced Project

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Days Gone developer Bend Studio officially has a new logo, and to celebrate, the PlayStation Studios developer offered a few more tidbits about its next project.

The new logo is split into a graphic and a workmark, and is intended to reflect a “new identity” as the studio moves forward on its next project. Associate art director Shay Casey went in-depth on the new logo in a post on the PlayStation Blog.

We set out to create a new identity that would be cutting-edge, abstract, and minimalist. It should feature simple, high-tech geometry but also represent the constant motion of creativity. Ideally it would be the kind of logo that is recognizable to gamers on the street without the need for a wordmark. Over time it should be easily identified as a symbol of gaming just like a certain swoosh is of sportswear.

With those objectives in mind, we are illustrating Bend Studio’s technical innovation with a forward directional look. The letterforms are cut to run parallel to the leading edge of the outer symbol triangle but still maintain the stability of our mid-weight non-italicized font. The Cascade icon in the center of the symbol is an abstract representation of the many mountain peaks that are the center of our lives in Central Oregon and define our skyline. Additionally, there is a small break in the “I” that represents one of the lumber mill smokestacks that speaks to Bend’s history as a logging town before its current existence as an outdoor enthusiast destination.

The original Bend Studio logo. Source: PlayStation

The original Bend Studio logo. Source: PlayStation

In addition to the logo announcement, Bend Studio also revealed a few more tibits about its unannounced IP, including confirmation that it will feature multiplayer. Bend Studio also reiterated that the new game will “build upon the open-world systems of Days Gone,” which were famous for being more granular than your typical open-world game, requiring the hero, Deacon St. John, to find fuel for his motorcycle among other tasks.

Bend Studio says it will reveal the new game “when the time is right.”

As for Days Gone, we were lukewarm on it in our review, but its unique direction has won it a smaller but passionate fanbase over the years. Former director Jeff Ross, who has since moved on to Crystal Dynamics, has said that the proposed sequel would have gone in a more “technical direction.”

While Bend Studio toils away on its new, Sony is full speed ahead elsewhere, having recently hosted a State of Play that included in-depth looks at a number of major third-party projects, including Final Fantasy 16. Its next big in-house project is God of War: Ragnarok, which is rumored to be out later this year.

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