Here’s how you transfer files between phone and PC

Robert Triggs / Android Authority There are several ways to transfer files between your phone and PC, such as the old wired connection, third-party apps for wireless transfer, Bluetooth, cloud storage, email, and more. The sheer variety of sharing methods got us thinking about how Android Authority readers transfer files […]

Cloud computing gets back to basics

There seems to be a clear trend in the world of cloud computing to return to IT fundamentals—the core problems that IT was set up to solve, such as data management, security, operations, governance, and development. All these things have been practiced for many decades and should be practiced now. […]

How to Delete Wallpaper on iOS 16?

iOS 16 came up with many features in terms of customization, especially regarding the lock screen. With the new wallpaper user interface, you get to make so many changes as per your desire but still under the limitations set by Apple Design. With the addition of widgets and different home […]