4 Animated Christmas Movies to Watch With Your Kids This Holiday Season


60 Best Christmas Movies for Kids 2021 - Fun Family Holiday Films

It is finally that time of the year again. The holiday season is finally around the corner which means it is time to take the Christmas ornaments out of the storage, prepare some warm eggnog and gather all the family and friends to decorate the Christmas tree, and spend some quality time together.  

We all have a Christmas movie viewing tradition. It often involves a big warm blanket, a hot cup of cocoa, and a classic Christmas movie. These Christmas movies tend to bring all the loved ones together for a terrific and joyous time. Although it is important to understand that every person’s movie taste is different. Maybe you are all about watching George Bailey’s realization that, oh yes, it is a wonderful life or witnessing Ralphie climb down the stairs of his Cleveland house in a rabbit suit. Whether you’re into comedies, classics, animated dazzlers, or holiday horror, there is definitely a Christmas movie out there that surrounds your preferred genre.

There are a number of animated movies that revolve around a Christmas theme. These are the movies that you can enjoy watching with your kids during the holidays. Some of them even air on the TV on Christmas day but that mostly depends on what channels you can view on your TV. DISH TV offers multiple DISH TV Packages that allow you to view a wide array of TV channels. You can subscribe to the ones that fit your taste and enjoy watching movies and shows on TV.

Having said that, if you want to stream an animated Christmas movie online, we have compiled a list of movies for you to enjoy with your kids this upcoming holiday season.


  • Rudolph: The Red-Nosed Reindeer

The kids’ favorite Christmas movie, Rudolph is a stop-motion animated TV special that is a must-watch for kids of all ages during the holiday season. Rudolph has been a prominent character in many Christmas carols, which the kids are already familiar with the story of this reindeer and would love to watch the movie that narrates its life.

The movie is about a reindeer who has a red glowing nose that differs him from his fellow reindeers, who ostracize him because he is different. The movie gives a strong message about overcoming adversities and takes the kids on a journey full of love, friendship, Christmas cheers, misfit toys, and catchy tunes.


  • A Charlie Brown Christmas

This is a short animated movie that revolves around the journey of Charlie Brown and his friends. It narrates the different real-life struggles of the character and how they deal with things happening in their lives with Christmas being right around the corner. Charlie Brown confides to his friend that he is depressed about the commercialism he sees around him because his friend Lucy, who runs a psychiatric booth suggests that he directs the neighborhood Christmas play. As he goes along to do so, he discovers the true and real meaning of happiness during Christmas. The movie gives a strong moral about mental health and how the support of others can make things better.


  • Frosty: The Snowman

This one is a great movie for children, who are looking to watch something wholesome this Christmas. Not only is it full of magic and music but it is also very impactful. The movie is about a Snowman brought to life and how his little friends try to save him from melting by embarking on a journey to the North Pole. This short movie is filled with adventures of the Snowman and his friends, making it worth a watch this upcoming holiday season.


  • Klaus

This is a relatively new Christmas animated movie but it’s worth a mention among all of these Christmas classics as it offers an authentic take on the early life of everyone’s favorite legend Santa Claus.

When the spoiled postman Jesper Johansson is forced to move to a terrifying and isolated island, Smeerensburg, he partners with a large unsociable woodsman, Klaus, who happens to make toys for kids. This is a Christmas movie for all ages, so make sure you give it a watch this holiday season.


Wrapping Up

Christmas is the best time to enjoy holiday-themed animated movies with the kids. We hope the above-mentioned movies help you decide on which one you are watching with the kids on Christmas Eve. Do not forget the huge cups of hot chocolate for all the kids and some warm eggnog for yourself!



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